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  HAZNEDAR is a Turkish company specialize in design and supply of shaped products for steel making industries, cement plants, incineration, lime kilns, tin smelting, chemical pigmentation and etc.

Products Range:-

   1.      Dolomite brick for ladle.
   2.      Acid proof bricks.
   3.      High Alumina Group 2 product 50-85% AL2O3.
   4.      Chemical bonded high alumina bricks 75-90% AL2O3.
   5.      Chemical bonded high alumina bricks with chromic oxide    (5-9%).
   6.      Resin bonded Alumina Carbon brick 60-90% AL2O3.
   7.      Resin bonded Alumina Silicon Carbide-Carbon bricks.
   8.      Resin bonded Alumina Magnesia Spinel Carbon bricks.
   9.      Carbon bonded dolomite brick.
  10.      Silicon carbide and Zircon containing products.


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