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 HENAN XIBAO Metallurgy Materials Group Co. Ltd., e.g. Xibao Group, founded in 1969, is the biggest produced of metallurgy materials in China now. With the total capital of 1.14 billion RMB as well as the debt rate of 47%, Xibao Group owns 4 branch companies: Aluminum Products Co. in Danjiang in Hubei, Yuhua Metallurgy Materials Co. in Huating in Gansu, Xixia Shenlong Co., Xixia Auxiliary Materials Co., and which are made up of 12 different factories. Xibao Group owns the right to export its products, passed authorization of ISO9001-2000 by China Metallurgy Industry Quality System Authorization Center, the inspecting Center was also authorized by CNAL, which is the only registered lab in this field.

Products Range:-

   1.      Auxiliary Materials for Metallurgical Industry. (Mold powder, starting powder and tundish covering powder)
   2.      Alloy-cored wire series of products. (CaSi wire, CaFe wire, Al wire and FeB wire)
   3.      Desulphurization Series. (Synthetic slag)
   4.      Isostatic products. (Stopper rod, ladle shroud and SEN)


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