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•    CIC Refractory Vina Liability Limited Company with One Member (CIC Refractory Vina) is a member of Continental Industrial Corporation Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia

•    CIC VINA is capable to provide all refractory solutions which are being operated by its parent company CIC. We bring Vietnam the up to date technology and all developed countries’ key of producing refractory to meet the demand of refractory products as well as to provide customers with high quality services in the refractory industry.

•    Continental Industrial Corporation Sdn Bhd (CIC) is a private company incorporated in Malaysia. Since our establishment in 1978, our principal business activities concentrate in refractory solutions spanning from supply, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance for petrochemical industries, steel mills, cement plants, waste management and incinerators, power stations, palm oil mills, aluminum industry etc.

•    It is the combination of updated knowledge, expertise and vast experience that makes it possible for CIC to offer adequate refractory constructions for cement industry, petrol chemical industries, boilers, lime kilns, tunnel kilns, reheating furnaces, electric are furnaces. CIC has then emerged as one of the pioneers in the refractory industry.

At CIC, we strive to become the leading corporation in our markets in Vietnam.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of premium grade refractory products and services of international standard.


  • Our Motto

Business ethics and prestige are our guidelines in doing anything. For us, all customers’ ideas are highly respected and priceless for CIC’s further development. We never stop exerting ourselves and always try our best to keep our commitments.

  • Customers’ benefits are highly appreciated

We exist and grow up due to customers’ benefits. We work closely with customers to provide the most suitable learning solutions and to help them achieve their objectives.

  • Focus on quality

We recognize that the final concept of quality is customer satisfaction and we are totally committed to the supply of products and services, which will meet this objective, and which conforms to published or agreed specification.

  • Strategy

We have gain recognition of our esteem customer through our core strategic in providing:

•    Quality Installation Work
•    Timeliness in contracting

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