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  Monolithic Plant

Our castable manufacturing plant which is accredited with ISO9001:2000 status has a production capacity change to 12,000mt and is the largest manufacturer of high Alumina monolithic refractory in Malaysia.
 Our speciality monolithic products are categorized as:

   1.      Conventional dense casting / gunning grade castables.
   2.      High purity dense castables.
   3.      LC / ULC self flow castables.
   4.      Low cement casting / gunning grade castables.
   5.      Light weight insulating casting / gunning grade castables.
   6.      Chemically and clay bonded mouldables.


Shaped Products
1.     Our casting plant which is located in Rawang has annual production capacity of 2,500mt and is equipped with semi automated pre-cast machineries and two units of pre-fire oven capable of firing to 650°C.

2.     With the use of advanced equipment and special mixing and vibration systems, we are able to give the final products that require density and uniformity before drying / firing.


  Metallic Anchors
  1.      With over two decades of experience, CIC has developed considerable expertise in the design and manufacture of refractory fixings.
   2.      We fabricate various grades of refractory anchors ranging from SUS 304, 309, 310, 316 and 253MA.

   a.      Twisted "Vee" and "Y".
   b.      Flat bar anchor.
   c.      "C" and scissors clips.
   d.      Ceramic fiber pins and clips.
   e.      Crook anchors.



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